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5 Apps to Aid Your Job Search


With the job market becoming more competitive, embracing technology to assist in the search for your next career is a necessity. The following apps can help you reduce the inevitable headache that comes along with a job search.

Linkedin – Available on IOS & Android for Free

Linkedin is the professional’s social network. It allows you to create an online resume shared with a network of friends, colleagues, and likeminded individuals within your field. It also works as a job search engine, which gives you the ability to connect with recruiters, companies, and leaders within your industry. Linkedin not only allows you to search for job openings in your area, but also sends emails with new job postings you may be interested in exploring based on the information within your profile.

Indeed, Job Search Engine – Available on IOS & Android for Free

Indeed provides an easy to use two-step search to help you find careers available in your area. Using career specific keywords and in combination with your location, Indeed provides a list of all the careers matching your search criteria. Search results can be filtered to show the newest posts on top, giving you the ability to apply for the newest jobs available.

CareerBuilder – Available on IOS & Android for Free

The CareerBuilder app allows you to search for jobs via a broad quick search and can help you narrow your search with an advanced search option. The advanced search option allows you to select multiple cities, set your salary range, as well as several other helpful options. Much like the LinkedIn job alerts, you can also register to receive email alerts that will provide you with new career postings that fall within your selected criteria.

Pocket Resume Pro – Available on IOS & Android for $2.99

The Pocket Resume Pro app lets you create and send a stylish resume from your phone or tablet. Pocket Resume keeps your resume mobile, allowing you to update on the go and send your professional and creative resume via PDF.

SimplyHired – Available on IOS & Android for Free

The self-proclaimed “world’s largest job search engine,” Simply Hired is available in an easy to use app. With over five million jobs listings from newspapers, bulletin boards, and company postings, your search results could be seemingly endless. SimplyHired allows you to filter results based on your career needs such as contract work, full-time, or part-time. The app also allows you to save your favorite postings and automatically saves your search history to help keep track of successful or not-so-successful searches you’ve performed.

*Originally published in Higher Degrees Fall 2013.

Getting Social: LinkedIn Groups and Subgroups

With almost 260 million members, working professionals can’t really afford not to be on LinkedIn. But, did you know there’s actually more to it than building and housing your online resume?

That’s right, similar to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is also considered a social network. If you’ve been missing out on the social aspect of LinkedIn, groups are a great way to connect with people that are similar to you in some way (same industry, same company, same city, etc.).

For example, the official group for a university may comprise of students, alumni, faculty members, staff members or even sports fans. That’s a lot of people, and while they are all related to the university in some way, most of them probably have very different interests. For example, the faculty may want to discuss items that the sports fans do not find interesting and vice versa.


LinkedIn subgroups allow group members to form their own subgroup within the group. Going back to our university example, perhaps a subgroup would be created for all the faculty members, one for the students, one for alumni, and so on. At that point, a group of students who only study online might want to form their own subgroup, or the business faculty might create their own subgroup. The possibilities are nearly endless.

If this sounds like something you want to take advantage of, let me warn you, LinkedIn subgroups aren’t the easiest thing to find if you are a first-time user. However, the effort is worth it. So worth it in fact, that we put together some easy steps to help you find your LinkedIn group’s subgroups. Happy hunting!

  1. Go to the main group page.
  2. At the top right of the page, you should see an ‘i’ icon.
  3. Click the ‘i’ icon.
  4. Click the number next to the “Subgroups” category.
  5. Click “+Join” underneath the subgroup you want to join.

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